The Town of Salem Game – BIGGEST HOLES + GAME

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If you even liked colonial games but for some reason didn’t give it a try then here’s your second chance.

In my case, browser games were always killing it.

They weren’t animated (something like Tribal Wars) but as a kid with big imagination that wasn’t an obstacle.

I’ve wrote short review in less boring language that most big sites prefer to (don’t know why).

At the end you can read what I think about this game overall.

So let’s start!

Review (short and to the point) of Town of Salem

First you have to register on their Phpbb forum otherwise you won’t be able to play. Yes this sounds sick. Either the
developer didn’t know how to make a secure registrar system, or wanted to connect board with game, so you don’t have to
register twice.

While second idea is good, it looks bad (forum is extremally ugly), and you don’t even know if that’s the right place to

But what about gameplay?

Not yet! Let’s start from menu UI. It’s terrible as well, probably better than some outdated CMS default theme, and it’s
filled with ads trying to encourage you to “buy this scroll”. Scroll, skin, map, or God knows what else, that you won’t
buy for in-game currency.

Sure they need money to develop the game (and to live) but I rather confess the principle “the less is more”, meaning the
less we piss people with annoying sales ads, the more likely they will buy it. Maybe it’s just me?

Game graphics are little better than overall GUI and they sure bring that “colonial climate”.

Can we finally talk about gameplay?

As you guessed, this is pretty much based on Salem story (the one with witch).

There are 33 roles and three free (yes, free) game modes. Normal, ranked, and ranked training matches.

I really like normal games as well as training for ranked as people aren’t that professional.

Other thing that ruins ranked games is people cheating. Skype/Discord groups that communicate regardless of their team or people playing on multiple browser tabs/accounts. Yeah there’s plenty of them in this mode.

Apart from above mentioned, this game has also good sides.

First of all it’s addictive as hell. Each person likes different roles but personally I love Serial Killer and Godfather from the bad guys, Jailor and Vig from the good ones, and from neutral roles I’d favour the ones that can kill.

Yeah. Killing is my type, teamplay or not. The satisfaction after winning as a single player versus whole team of Town (and Mafia) members can’t be measured.

So how to play?

As a good person you have to communicate with other. You need to find other good rules without provoking Mafia or SK and tell them what you know. You have to do it quick because you may die a random death.

As a neutral/mafia you basically have to lie. Yes. The more you play dumb and lie, the more likely you will win.

There’s a voting system at the end of each round so you can lynch the most suspicious ones and this is where you should focus. Especially who voted guilty on good people and vice versa.

As a bad guy you should give subtle signs (in chat or murderer will) who it could be. But never be the first one to point out good guy. You can continue on giving signs, asking questions (“Why you voted guilty on the good guy?”) even if it’s not true (don’t worry, they all forgot already). This will force other people to vote him.

This way instead of killing a single person each night, you can also get second one by voting system.


Town of Salem is extremely popular and it’s all because of it’s gameplay. Kudos to BlankMediaGames. What dominates in this game is pressure.

Graphics aren’t the best but this can be improved (or maybe, since game is successful already, it would be better to focus that effort on another production).

If you are interested in playing this, but you don’t want to waste time on mini titles, then you can be sure that this game is even more addictive than boring Korean 3D MMORPG productions with “fancy graphics”.