Town of Salem Roles – PRO PLAYER GUIDELINE

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When I first started playing, I was struggling as I didn’t know how to perform any action and my turns were facing unpleasant timeout.

Jailor would imprison and ask me to show him notes.

I said who I am and that it’s my first time playing, so I didn’t write down my actions in last will.

Guessing already what happened later?

Unfortunately that was not enough to convince him. I got exterminated, jailor lost his ability to kill, they lost important role (medium), and overall I was blamed for playing dumb.

Enough small talk, tell me about the roles

Right now there are 33 roles. You will either be an Town, Mafia, or Neutral member. You might as well end up playing character with unique role.

Town roles

You will play as a town member quite often as it’s the biggest group.


  • Investigator checks one person every night to learn about their role.
  • Lookout watches someone (usually protective role, for example doctor) to see who visited them at night.
  • Psychic receives mental visions.
  • Sheriff checks one player.
  • Spy can hear whispers and read mafia messages.
  • Tracker tracks one player to see where he went.


  • Jailor can jail one person every night and kill them eventually (favorite role for trolls).
  • Vampire Hunter looks for vampires.
  • Veteran can launch “alert” and will kill anyone who visits him including town members.
  • Vigilante can kill anyone.


  • Bodyguard protects someone every night.
  • Doctor heals someone.
  • Crusader can defend one person.
  • Trapper can set trap in players houses.


  • Escort distracts someone, does him a role block.
  • Mayor has 3 votes when attempting to lynch someone (after reveal).
  • Medium speaks with dead people.
  • Retributionist revives dead town members.
  • Transporter changes places of two people at night. Meaning if you attempt to kill doctor, but he will swap places with escort, you will attempt to kill escort.